Version 5 supports the NRM2 Library

Q-Script version 5 supports the RICS New Rules of Measurement

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Why Use Q-Script

Q-Script provides an automated, intelligent and fully integrated system to allow the Quantity Surveyor to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately. It is the modern, high technology replacement for traditional manual methods, for earlier computer systems based on coding and for computer systems which only do part of the job.


What Q-Script does

Q-Script offers significant benefits to Quantity Surveyors, improving speed accuracy and efficiency in performing the following:

• Cost Planning

• Bill preparation

• Estimating

• Pricing

• Tender appraisal

• Re-measurement

• Valuation

• Final accounts

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    Interesting Facts About Q-Script

    Q-Script for Windows was launched in 1995.

    Since then systems have been supplied to over 500 users.


    We will be delighted to provide you with an evaluation copy.