The Extended Feature Set

Integrated Document Registry : Q-Script can store all project documentation indexed and linked to the relevant job files.
Built in Letter Writer : Q-Script has a built in word processor that is aware of the Q-Script database.  Each significant data item, e.g. a valuation, can have any number of documents attached to it which are created from a user defined set of standard document templates.  Using the letter writer Q-Script users can easily create high quality standard documents.  These documents can automatically include Q-Script data such as the name and address of a contractor or the value of a variation order or cost plan.  Each document adds both to the job file and to the Q-Script document registry.
Spreadsheet Integration : At many stages during the life of a job file spreadsheets can be used to present data for editing or to allow for its import / export.  These spreadsheets can become a part of the jobs document set and so a part of the users document registry.
Contacts File : The Q-Script contacts file contains the industry standard working set of contact information, including email address for the electronic distribution of documents and other files.
Built in Email : Using the Q-Script email facility the user may send, and receive, documents directly from Q-Script.
Component Library : Q-Script allows the user to select sets of taking-off (e.g. an inspection chamber, door and adjustments etc) and copy and store them into component items for use as ‘building blocks’ in future jobs.
Tutorials : Q-Script is supplied with a full set of training documentation that takes new users through each of the many features available.  Developed by a highly qualified QS with many years of experience in both private and academic environments, the tutors are easy to use and assume only the barest minimum of computer expertise.

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More Interesting Q-Script Facts

Q-Script is used by large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.

Q-Script has a continuous programme of upgrading and development.