CDS Computer Design Systems (CDS) leads the way in the design and development of software for building cost planning, bill preparation and contract administration, backed by almost 20 years experience in the field and an ongoing development programme to provide the tools needed by Quantity Surveyors and Estimators.
The first CDS QS systems were introduced in the 1980’s culminating in the November 1995 launch of  Q-Script for Windows.
Since that date systems have been supplied to over 500 users in both large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.
Q-Script offers significant benefits to Quantity Surveyors, improving speed accuracy and efficiency in performing the following:

  • Cost planning
  • Bill preparation
  • Estimating
  • Pricing
  • Tender appraisal
  • Re-measurement
  • Valuation
  • Final accounts

Q-Script provides an automated, intelligent and fully integrated system to allow the Quantity Surveyor to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately. It is the modern, high technology replacement for traditional manual methods, for earlier computer systems based on coding and for computer systems which only do part of the job. Using Q-Script gives you the potential to benefit in the following ways:

  • Maximise the efficiency of the QS with Q-Script’s extensive labour saving features
  • Reduce errors and improve quality
  • Re-use data within jobs and between jobs, building a valuable information resource for future projects
  • Offer clients a faster and fuller service
  • Save time, effort and money

Q-Script software is very competitively priced, making it readily affordable for the single practitioner but with no compromises in performance and functionality, making it the appropriate choice for even the largest organisation.
The software is backed by excellent service with a range of support options including pay-as-you-go for smaller organisations.
An evaluation for each of the Q-Script modules, limited for 30 days use, may be obtained by contacting CDS.

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More Interesting Q-Script Facts

Q-Script is used by large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.

Q-Script has a continuous programme of upgrading and development.