The Q-Script cost planning module is a fully integrated module for preparing cost plans at various levels of detail. Data may be passed between cost planning, pre-contract, post-contract and price book, so that, for example, items measured for cost planning purposes may be used again in producing a final bill of quantities without the need to take them off again.
The BCIS list of elements is included to allow the production of elemental cost plans and elemental cost reports from priced bills of quantities within Q-Script. In addition, an Elemental Priced Bill may be produced
The module supports cost plans in which elements may be defined and priced at different levels of detail:

  • Budget Estimate
  • Elemental Cost Plan priced by element
  • Elemental Cost Plan with some elements valued by detailed measurements and pricing

The principle behind the building of cost plans in Q-Script is that each level of detail is automatically updated by any measuring/pricing done at a lower level of detail.

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