The pre-contract module includes the HMSO SMM7 library of descriptions within the module price.
Other libraries available include:

  • NRM1 – RICS New Rules of Measurement (Order of cost estimating and cost planning for capital building works)
  • NRM2 – RICS New Rules of Measurement (Detailed measurement for building works)
  • CESMM3
  • IN-HOUSE (User’s own library)
  • NIHE (HESL05/Adaptations for Disabilities/HESL06)
  • POMI
  • PSA (Building 1990/Electrical 1990/Mechanical 1990)
  • SMM6
  • SMM7
  • SMM7 Revised 1998

Q-Script provides a framework for creation of the user’s own in-house library of descriptions to meet special requirements.
The composite item feature allows collections of measured items to be grouped together and stored in a composite library for re-use in multiple projects.
Multiple libraries may be used within a single project.
Ease of Use
All modules are designed to operate in a consistent fashion, following the form and functionality standards set by leading Windows products. This greatly simplifies the task of learning to use the software.
Re-use of Data
The powerful database and consistent data model allow re-use of data within a project and also between projects. Information entered in one module is retained in the data model for use in other modules without the need for re-keying.
Selective re-use of data can be achieved using traditional Windows features such as “cut and paste”.
Component items retrieved from the library allow previously measured work to be re-used in new projects.
Reduction of errors
The potential for errors is greatly reduced with Q-Script performing calculations and sortations and providing reports based upon key quantity checks.
Work may be previewed on screen in a variety of formats; for example, taking off sections may be viewed, as well as printed, in bill format.
Full audit trails are provided to facilitate tracking back to individual items and to identify the source and date of changes to bill data.
QS Efficiency
Q-Script places power and flexibility firmly in the hands of the individual Quantity Surveyor with no reliance upon intermediary personnel or procedures.
Descriptions are rapidly built by using the mouse to select clauses from library text displayed on the screen without the need for typing skills.
The spreadsheet provided with Q-Script, allows more complex calculations to be performed without the need to invoke other software products. Key dimensions may be stored in the spreadsheet and referenced from measured items allowing for efficient and accurate construction of quantities and facilitating the global editing of quantities.
Data Exchange
Q-Script data may be exchanged with Microsoft Excel and with software packages supporting the CITE specification for Electronic Data Exchange.
Each module is supported by extensive tutorials with worked examples which provide an excellent, practical introduction and training medium.
Information Packages
On screen tutorials are provided with the software.
Evaluation Systems
Single user evaluation copies of each module are available from CDS allowing prospective clients to use the software for up to 30 days. To obtain evaluation copies please contact us.

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Q-Script is used by large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.

Q-Script has a continuous programme of upgrading and development.