The Q-Script pre-contract module provides the functionality required for measurement, estimating, bill production and pricing, supported by an extensive range of libraries. A few salient features are listed below.
Descriptions are rapidly built, on screen, by using the mouse to point and click on appropriate clauses from the library text. Rogue descriptions may be easily created at any level.
Descriptions and items of information required for analysis or sortation purposes are automatically carried forward from one measured item to the next, the QS only having to deal with descriptions levels and data which are different
Dimensions may be keyed in, captured from digitiser input or referenced from the Q-Script scratchpad.
Items or whole sections of taking off may be copied from one part of a job to another, copied into the current job from previous jobs or copied from component libraries.
Taking off sections may be viewed on screen in a number of formats, including bill format
Full provision is made for sidecasts and notes etc.
Estimating & Pricing
Q-Script allows the entry of up to 6 sets of rates against bill items including estimated and tendered rates.
Rates may be retrieved from previous projects stored in the database, updated by an index specified by the user and then automatically applied to like items in the current job.
Rates may be retrieved from the Office Price Book stored in the Q-Script database.
Bill production
Standard SMM7 clauses for preambles and specifications are provided.
Multiple sortation types are supported.
Full forms design facilities are provided to allow the user to specify bill layout and structure.

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Q-Script is used by large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.

Q-Script has a continuous programme of upgrading and development.