Q-Script is backed by excellent service, with a range of support options including pay-as-you go for smaller organisations.
Q-Script is designed to be self-installable, whether in the stand-alone or networked environment. The overwhelming majority of users successfully install Q-Script with only minimal telephone support.
Extensive documentation is supplied with the software in the form of tutorials. The tutorials provide worked examples and are used on-line, with the Q-Script software, as an excellent, practical introduction and training medium for all modules.
Each module is supplied with three months warranty. During the warranty period CDS provides telephone advice and fixes any software problems. At the end of the warranty period the user may take out a support contract, renewable annually, to allow the provision of telephone advice, problem diagnosis and bug fixing to continue. Depending upon the level of support selected, the contract may also include automatic entitlement to upgrades and new versions.
CDS provides support options for single user systems, or systems with low user counts.

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Q-Script is used by large and small private practices, local authorities and central government facilities.

Q-Script has a continuous programme of upgrading and development.